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Surprise! We Love Traveling With Our Dog

We promised our next blog would be a video of us answering the most common questions we get asked. We lied.

Erin is back in Indianapolis for a week and MJ is in a limited-service area of Arizona, therefore, our video is having some issues getting uploaded to the Tube.

We don't want to leave you empty-handed this week, so we've put together a quick video of our lovable furball, Otter.

Most National Parks don't allow dogs on their trails so we were a little weary of bringing her along. Most state parks and national forests, however, DO allow dogs on all their trails. We haven't had any issues with finding somewhere to run off a little energy.

She has been an amazing travel companion. Besides rolling in a pile of poop the first week, she has developed into a exceptionally well-behaved dog. We keep her off leash most days unless we are in a public place for obvious reasons.

When we would walk Otter in the city in our past life she would chase squirrels and pull on her leash so much that we never thought we would be able to keep her off leash. Surprise! She's the best.

Here are some photos of her living her best life...

Thanks for subscribing. We'll publish our other video as soon as we can! :)

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