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Roam to Home

We decided we wanted to thrive instead of just survive in today’s crazy world. We want to experience life rather than live the life society pressures us to live.


We took our first "real" vacation together to Ireland. That vacation changed everything for us. We discovered how well we travel together and how well we are at problem-solving and navigating in a foreign country. What that trip did was inspire us to travel more, explore more and discover more.


All of these elements brought us to Roam to Home. We invite you to browse our site, learn about our passions, and explore what excites and interests you as well.

Erin Davidson

I laugh at everything and I am willing to try things at least once.


Navigating, Blog Inspiration, & Sleeping in the Passenger Seat

MJ (Jordan) Bruno

I can make up a song about anything & beer is my beverage of choice.

Photography, Fire-Building, Morale Booster, Song Maker-Upper



Feel that tingling urge in your fingertips? That's the ASTROnomical force urging you to contact us!


We are often in the "middle of nowhere",

so please give us a few days to respond!

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