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Brews Cruise

We love beer, that’s no secret. We honestly don’t know how we’ve made it this long without writing a blog completely dedicated to the highly chugable beverage.

Although we stick to a strict budget while we’re traveling, the whole point of living the #VanLife is to enjoy our lives to the fullest. What better way to celebrate our lives than enjoying some tasty suds around the states.

So far, we have been to 34 breweries scattered across the US and have made it a point to try at least one in each state. We usually rely on suggestions on where to go for the best brewski. In addition to some good brew what better way to chat with the locals than at the local watering hole.

If you’re traveling here’s a few breweries that stood out to us and we suggest you pay a visit.

Pabst, Milwaukee, WI

I know, I know. Pabst? Well yeah, we do love sluggin’ a few blue ribbons from time to time but that’s not what we’re talking about here. This is the small (7 bbl) brewery that has been pumping out unique beers you can only find on site since 2015. The brewery is located in one of the old buildings that was part of the original Pabst brewery. Its old, huge, clean, bright, and most importantly the taps are pouring some really fantastic beers. We tried all of them and there wasn’t a single dud in the bunch. If you’re in Milwaukee be sure to make a pit stop here and see what this classic brand is doing on a much smaller scale.

Payette Brewing Company, Boise, ID

Idaho shocked us! Maybe we lived a sheltered life before traveling but we thought it would be flat and full of potato fields. Boy, were we mistaken! It's filled with gorgeous rivers flowing in the valleys of beautiful mountains. Most of the roads we traveled on curved along these gushing rivers on some of the best scenic byways. But back to beer... We visited Payette Brewing Company in Boise and our tastebuds rejoiced in this sweet nectar. They have a robust beer portfolio and there's something for everyone to enjoy from their house beers. Their taproom was magnificent inside and out and we gained a lot of awesome suggestions on where to eat and what to do in Boise from the bartender. It's easy for us to recommend Payette to anyone traveling through Boise.

Bierstadt, Dever, CO

Shit man. We knew this place was going to be good since it came so highly recommended by Dan. Dan is the head brewer at Chilly Water Brewing Company (see below) and his bowling average is over 220. Being an all American, blue collar legend back home in the Hoosier state, Dan naturally loves a good Pilsner. When he said it might be the best Pilsner he’s ever had we knew we had to get us a sip! Holy $&%*$!!! The folks here only make lagers. On the day we visited they had four on tap. Pilsner, Helles, Oktoberfest, and Dunkel. These were without a doubt four of the finest examples of these beers we've ever had. If we didn’t want to keep exploring we certainly would have stayed there all day.

We agree with this quote from their website 100%...

"It is a fascinating time to be a beer drinker."

Apparently, it is allowable to add strawberries, gummy worms, pizza and all matter of other things to a “beer.”

Each to their own. You do you. We aren’t ones to judge.

We are ones for tradition. We have brewed a lot of beer over the years, and it is our belief that traditionally brewed lagers are classics for a reason.

They have stood the test of time..

– Bill Eye and Ashleigh Carter Bierstadt Lagerhaus

Chilly Water Brewing Company, Indianapolis, IN

A trip to Indianapolis wouldn't be complete without stopping by Chilly Water. Full disclosure this is where MJ has worked since they opened back in 2014. Nonetheless, they have won countless awards at the Indiana Brewers cup as well as medaling at the Great American Beer Festival. Make sure you try all of the lagers on tap. They definitely take pride in making quality lagers. The Built to Last Pilsner is the flagship beer and it's always available. Don't skip the Blood Orange I.P.A., It might be the best you've ever had!

We don't want to sound like beer snobs with all this microbrew talk. We have also toured and sampled the big 3: Coors, Miller, and Anheuser-Busch. We like these American (or not so American) classics as well!

Have beer suggestions for us? We want to hear 'em! Check out our planned route here.

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