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5 Romantic Locations To Visit in the US

Sometimes it's necessary to take a break from the stresses of life and work and spend quality time with the person you love. That's why we decided to travel in the first place.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we want to share 5 romantic places we traveled to in the past year.

Let's begin by saying our definition of "romantic" may be drastically different than yours. We are living out of our van after all ;)

1. Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, Omaha, NE

We're channeling our inner A Walk To Remember for this one.

This 3,000' bridge crosses the Missouri River between Council Bluffs, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska. Not only can you take in the beautiful Omaha skyline but you can also stand in Nebraska and Iowa at the exact same time.

We often cross between states while driving, therefore, walking across it is a nice change of scenery. On the Omaha side there is a 3-acre park and the bridge is also connected to over 150 miles of walking/biking trails.

2. Dark Skies of Wyoming

We've been amazed by giant mountains and volcanoes, we've been in awe by wonderful waterfalls and glacier lakes, but sometimes we have to remind ourselves to take a step back and take in one of the world's best assets - the night sky.

Wyoming is the BEST place to stargaze in all of the United States. It has the lowest population of all 50 states. Low population means equally low light pollution and since Wyoming’s light pollution is so low, the night skies are particularly magical. This allows you to see stars, planets, the Milky Way, and even galaxies.

What's more romantic than laying on a blanket and staring at the most beautiful sky you've ever seen???

3. Beer & Pretzels in Leavenworth, WA

This is where our term of romantic might differ from yours. We aren't much of a fine wine and dine kind of couple. We don't want to pay an outrageous amount for steak and potatoes, because we much rather drink beer and eat pretzels!

Leavenworth is a Bavarian-styled village we came across in the Cascade Mountains. Walking around this small town transported us from the US straight into Germany. Sure, it's a little touristy, but shit man, we're tourists! Don't be afraid or feel like you're too cool to do some of the touristy things sometimes.

4. Washington & Oregon Coast

A temperate rain forest that makes you feel like you're on another planet, whales breaching along the coast, The Goonies.... What else could you ask for? The drive from the Olympic Peninsula in Washington down the coast of Oregon has its all.

We knew we were in for a treat when we made a stop on a secluded beach somewhere on the Strait of Juan de Fuca and spotted several whales splashing around not far from where we were sitting. Of course, no trip down the coast would be complete without visiting Cannon Beach and bask in the misty seaside memories of the Goonies!

Another spot that some, probably many, wouldn't consider romantic would be the towering sand dunes of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. We got a hotel room for the night in Florence, Oregon (partially for Erin's birthday and partially because Erin was suffering from a case of hives from some Thai food). There's something really special about a hot indoor shower, hot tub and a continental breakfast!

The real romance however, happened behind the wheel of a fast-as-lightning off road vehicle. Speeding around massive dunes with the possibility of flying over the edge really makes you appreciate the loved one sitting right next to you!

Whether you're around the sounds and smells of the ocean or in a cool, mossy and fairy tale like forest it's easy to feel like you're in the midst of a romantic getaway every day.

5. Yosemite National Park

Oh Yosemite. Are you everyone's favorite park? It sure seems like it.

Here are some tips for escaping the crowds and getting some alone time in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

1. Go sometime other than the middle of summer. Duh.

2. Get up and start your day as early as possible. Duh.

3. Get high. No, not like that. Get out of the valley and take a hike to higher elevation. The higher you go, the less crowded it will be and you can be alone with the one you love with plenty of time to tell each other how awesome you are.

These places are magical and very special to us. We would love to hear about your extra special places. Happy Valentine's Day from Roam to Home! :)

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