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Let's Take A Road Trip!

We are counting down the days until we hit the road again! When we said we were "Home for the Holidays" we also meant Valentine's Day since Erin works for a florist and well, you get it.

Next week we'll be up to our noses in roses and putting in countless hours of overtime, but when it's all over... we're headed away as soon as possible! We have some very excited things planned for our next couple of months for travel but we would love to hear your suggestions on where we should visit!

Here's a map with our tentative route.

First, we are headed south to visit MJ's grandparents in Naples for a few days. Aren't grandparents the best to pay a visit too?! We're sure to leave with clean laundry, be freshly showered and plenty of snacks!

Please direct your eyes toward southern Utah. Utah has not one, not two, but FIVE incredible national parks as well as other awesome rock formations and millions of acres of BLM land. Yes millions. BLM in Utah is responsible for the stewardship of more than 22 million acres of public land or 42% of Utah's total land area.

Bring on the free camping! So we'll be there for a lot of our time.

In our last blog we mentioned some updates we were making to the inside of the van....

We're done!

We love it!

We hope you love it too!

It's not perfect but it's perfect for us. We are so anxious to load everything back into the van and get on the road.

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