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Our Travel Resolutions for the New Year!

New Year. New Adventures.

2017 was equal parts incredible and scary. Scary because we took a leap, a chance really, and incredible because we chased our dream.

We're looking into 2018 with our rose-colored glasses, we have big hopes and big wishes. Our excitement is intense as we impatiently wait for our departure date. (Our departure date is promptly after Valentine's Day since Erin works for a florist!)

In the time we've been home we have been able to reflect on a few things and find it important to make a few resolutions to help improve our travels.

Hey, who knows, maybe you can apply some of these to your lives as well!


Bumpy roads and dirt paths have taken us to some incredible places. There are times, however, that we take the easy way out. We hop on the interstate and cruise past some sights that are worth slowing down for. Just because you're in the middle of BFE Kansas (we love you Kansas!) doesn't mean there isn't some awesome natural feature or a giant ball of yarn that is worth hopping off the fast lane to explore. For the next round of travels we are going to make a conscious effort to slow down, to take the alternative route, a gravel road here and there, and get off the beaten path. Plus, we may be biased, but Luna looks pretty good with a little dirt on her!


It's a constant battle. Our jobs fill our need for stability but the adventures we have taken fill our lives with so much more. Our resolution is to not worry about our jobs or about money because everything works out how it's supposed to. It always has. We took a leap to start traveling full-time because of this, but we often need a reminder that everything will be OK. We need to do what we love because we only get one life to do it.


Our resolution is to be more present, more mindful. We want to put our phones away and be in the moment more. Sometimes we get caught up in trying to take the best photos and find the right angles and write the best captions. We scroll on Instagram for way to long drooling over people with better vans. It's our initiative to step away from the technology that clouds our minds and live in the moment.


You might think these two things would go hand in hand. Quit your job to travel and you won't have any more worries? Unfortunately, that's not how it works. We often have to worry about finding a place to sleep that won't break our budget (and is legal), finding a place to cook our meals, and hoping our van doesn't get broken into when we are away on long hikes. Our worries are just different than they used to be. However, it's our resolution to worry less. We want to let life work out how it's supposed to and not sweat the small stuff.


Maybe it’s the endorphins, but some of our best travel moments are the ones that are earned between sweat and gasps to catch our breath. We have never regretted climbing to the top of a mountain or to the top of a lighthouse for the best view there is! Our resolution is to hike, kayak, climb, ride, crawl, and/or jump MORE! We want to get active and experience the world on a human-powered adventure.


When we're on the road it's just the two of us, and lots of podcasts, but human interaction is always a good thing! There's no better way to explore a new city or national park than by speaking with the locals. We've been pretty good about doing this but there's always room to better ourselves. This resolution is to be open to new ideas and new adventures with new people.

What are your resolutions for 2018? We would love to hear them!

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