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7 Christmas Gifts For A Traveler

Gift giving can be difficult, especially when you're buying for someone with a nomadic lifestyle. With Christmas quickly approaching we wanted to share our favorite gift ideas for the wanderluster in your life.

This list is full of items that we personally use and love, and we think other travelers will enjoy, too. (And most of them won't break the bank, either!)

1. Gift Cards

Some people might think that gift cards are a bad gift because they seem impersonal, but really they are the perfect gift for a travel-lover. We're here to tell you that filling up your gas tank or filling your stomach using someone else's money is a nice feeling. So here are a few ideas for gift cards: Gas cards, sporting stores, grocery stores, chain restaurants (so they can find one anywhere), & hardware stores (because you never know when you'll need some duct tape).

2. Maps/Books

Travel rule #1: Never leave home without a good map and a good book! An atlas may seem old-fashioned, but it's been our life-saver more than once, especially when we're out of cell service. You probably envision a big bulky book when you think of an atlas but there are smaller ones to choose from that can be tucked away.

This National Park Guide by Michael Joseph Oswald has been a great tool for us and would recommend it to anyone traveling to a few of the parks.

However, we think ANY book is a great gift for a traveler.

3. Journal

Journaling is a fun way to document your adventure. You can build and record (and someday reread) every second of your trip.

Erin's sister got us this Life's a Road Trip journal that has been everywhere with us. It's filled with travel prompts, inspiring quotes, and stories from professional nomads. This journal is made to scribble down your favorite moments, stick in your own postcard worthy photos, and give you a place to keep your ticket stubs and memorabilia. It's a useful and thoughtful gift for someone taking a road trip big or small!

4. National Parks Pass/State Park Pass

For $80 you can purchase an annual National Park Pass that allows you to get into EVERY National Park for no additional cost. This gift is fitting for someone planning a visit to a few national parks or national monuments in the next 12 months. To see the whole list of benefits please visit:

Buying for someone who loves hiking in state parks? You can also purchase an annual State Park pass. The price varies depending on the state. Indiana only costs $50.

Thanks to Erin's Aunt Rae we are also now aware that Holiday Gift Packs are also available for the Indiana State Parks! The package cost $99.00. It includes; 1. An Indiana State Park pass 2. $65.00 gift card to spend at a state park inn for lodging or for campsites (depends on the package you purchase) 3. One can spend the gift card at a state park gift shop too if one wants. 4. It also includes a years subscription to Indiana Outsdoor magaizine.

5. Parks Projects

We love this online store! Parks Project contributes directly to over 30 different conservancies across the USA, providing vital funding for the ongoing care of National Parks, by selling clothing, stickers, posters and more.

“We the people” own 84 million acres of pristine park wilderness that need our attention, action, & funding. Passionate pioneers fought to protect America’s greatest landscapes & most awe-inspiring views, creating our national parks. Parks Project was created to make sure we don’t forget."

6. Sam Larson

Sam Larson is an artist that we both love! His artwork is heavily inspired by the American West and nature. His apparel, stickers and/or prints of his work would be an appropriate gift for anyone who loves nature.

7. USB Fan

Last, but certainly, not least, buy a van fan! if you know someone traveling or living in their vehicle it's a good idea to make sure they have a fan. Hot summer days also make for some hot summer nights and this little USB fan was a wonderful addition to the van.

This list might seem like it's full of “ordinary” stuff, but in our experience it's the stuff you ended up using (and needing) the most.

If you're looking for other unique, creative, and meaningful gift ideas for people of all ages and occasions, our friend Erin (Erin & Erin were college roomies) has a blog dedicated to the art of gift giving!

Thanks for reading our blog, if you enjoyed it please subscribe! :)

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