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One Month Update

We’ve been on the road for one month now. That’s thirty one days, seven hundred and forty four hours and over five thousand miles traveled. And we’ve been together one hundred percent of the time. So how’s it going you ask? Well let's get to the numbers first and then we can talk about the personal stuff!

First let's talk about the van. After all, she is the most important piece of equipment we have for the trip. Starting a journey like this, with a vehicle that has over one hundred thousand miles, 128,789 to be exact, can be a little concerning. With that said, Luna has been an absolute champ! She is an expert mountain climber, gravel road enthusiast, wet pavement eater-upper and in desperate need of a bath. We’ve put 5,589 additional miles on her so far. We’ve changed the oil twice, replaced the wipers once and the one and only repair that has been needed was a new wheel bearing back in Wisconsin.

The second stat is one we get a lot of questions about. FUEL! Obviously we need it to get Luna down the road. She’s no Prius but she also ain't no Winnebago. We’ve stopped for gas 27 times. That’s brought our total cost of fuel to $883.87. It turns out that's about $0.16/mile, which is cheaper than a gumball machine.

Here are a few more fun stats we’ve been keeping track of:

Times we’ve stopped for Erin to pee – Our pen ran out of ink for this one.

Breweries visited – 11

Cideries visited - 1

Distilleries visited - 1

Lighthouses visited – 17

National Parks – 4

National Forests – 11

Tunnels squeezed through – 7

Camped at Walmart – 4

Nights we have camped for free – 28

Times we've done laundry – 3

Bugs murdered on the windshield – A lot, but still less times than Erin has peed.

Money spent on food –$814.82

Showers – Uhmm are you sure you really want to know?

Books read – 5

Number of fights/bickering – None! Living in a tiny van is perfect and nothing ever bothers you when you spend every moment together! ;]

Okay, that's not completely true... We don't want to depict traveling around in a van is the perfect life. Some nights it's hot, sometimes we go without showers and wear dirty socks but we would say it has gone about as great as one could hope. I don’t think either one of us ever thought that this was going to be absolutely perfect every second of every day. We believe that our realistic expectations for all of this really set us up for success. We can’t wait to see what the next month has in store for us!

One month under our belts and the sky is the limit! The road is calling so we'll see ya soon!

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wait to see what the next month has in store for us!

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