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DIY Camp Shower That Won't Break The Bank

In our "If I Had a Dollar" blog we answered the question of where we would shower. We now have a better solution...

We built a shower and it's fantastic, it's more than fantastic. Before leaving, we looked at several options for pressurized showers but they were all too big or too expensive.

We have 2 five gallon water containers so we figured we could use those in a pinch. Just throw it up on the roof and let gravity take care of the rest. Then we discovered a better option...

We built a camp shower using a pressurized weed sprayer and a kitchen nozzle and it only cost us $28.00. Hallelujah.

We use our DIY shower almost daily. Whether it's showering, washing dishes, or brushing our teeth, it actually saves us water.

We've been in Wyoming for more than 2 weeks and it's been our saving grace. We now know the true meaning of "We Out Here." Zero cell service, very few people people and up until now, no where to shower.

Without further ado here's MJ building the shower so you can make one too!

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