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Introducing Roam to Home

The Purpose

We really love Indianapolis. It's been our home for nearly 4 1/2 years. It's where we met, where we fell in love, and where we started our adventures. After a several restless months we have realized that we are in need of a big change.

With equal parts hesitation and planning, we are following our passion to travel and explore and find a new place to call home.

And as we plan and as we travel we must be brutally honest with ourselves. We must admit that there is a high probability that we will fall in love with this lifestyle. #VanLife may last longer than we originally planned, and that's ok. We are keen to roam for however long it takes.

The Plan

Travel over 15,000 miles in search of the perfect city to call home.

  1. Say Goodbye To Our Jobs

  2. Move Our "Stuff" Into Our Parents Basements

  3. Take Off In Our SWEET Astro Van (more on that later)

  4. Roam The Country In Search of the Perfect Places To (eventually) Call Home

  5. Meet Amazing People, Take Lots of Photos and Share All Of Our Experiences with you!

  6. Move To Our New HOME (eventually)!

  7. The Adventure Continues...

Cheers to Roaming

The Personalities


Jordan Bruno (MJ)

Skills You Bring To The Team:

Photography, Fire-Building, Morale Booster, Song Maker-Upper

Most Excited About:

Living in our sweet van. Moootorin. And seeing everything I ever want to see in the United States.

# Of States Visited Prior to Roam to Home:



Erin Davidson

Skills You Bring To The Team:

Navigating, Blog Inspiration, Stopping for Coffee, Sleeping in the Passenger Seat

Most Excited About:

Doing things I'm scared of. Being brave, stepping out of my comfort zone and growing as a human.

# Of States Visited Prior to Roam to Home:


The Practicalities

We can't wait to start roaming together! We are excited to share the joy, beauty, and adrenaline of living the unknown with you. We are scared but we are trusting. We will grow. We will laugh. We will cry. And more than anything, we need your support along the way!

PLEASE, give your suggestions for must-visit cities, parks and roadside attractions! We hope to meet new friends while we roam but we also can't wait to visit old friends dispersed over the country along the way!

We will post new blogs, stories and travel tips every week so please subscribe if you haven’t already!

THE BEST way to be a part of our journey is to follow us on Instagram, which we will try to update daily.

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